New French President

7 Mai

Hollande is elected President against Sarkozy. He won the election with 52%.


Flamenco, Flamenco

7 Mai

Yesterday with all my host family, we went to Honolulu Museum of Art where there was the movie “Flamenco, Flamenco” about Flamenco of course which is a Spanish dance. It was a really beautiful movie, with warm colors, beautiful voices, beautiful paintings, dance…

Fast, too fast

7 Mai

We are already in May, we just have one moth and a few days left. The time gets fast, too fast. I enjoy every minute. I wrote a lot of things to do on my list: to go to International Market of Waikiki, Sandys Beach, Lanikai Beach…

May Day

7 Mai

May Day is famous day all around the world and it’s not a holiday day in Hawaii, we celebrate it at school and also at school. With my dance class and the Polynesian club, we danced Hula which is the traditional Hawaiian dance. We prepared ourselves during more than one month , we were all ready. For the show, we were wearing a Hawaiian skirt and a white shirt. Everything was really good, except that I didn’t really smile.

The first picture belongs to Lucia, the fourth one to Devon and the last one to Sammy.


7 Mai

It’s a while I didn’t give you any news, so I am sorry. Two weeks ago, I talked to you about the preparation from my prom’s school, do you remember?

So Prom took place in Moana Surfrider Hotel, in Waikiki. Before leaving the house, we took many pictures with my date, André, in the garden. André is Brazilian, he’s also an exchange student of AFS. It’s the teachers who welcomed us in the Hotel in the theme of the 1920’s. Everybody was beautiful!  We all looked different than our daily life. We first ate the dinner which was really fancy, there were sushis… Then, there was music; little by little people began to dance. At the beginning, just a few people were dancing, the teachers were dancing and finally everybody danced. Lucia and I were dancing all night, sometimes we were the only one. I had so much fun, it was awesome. It was a great American experience.

Almost Prom

19 Avr

Last Monday, I with Morgane put make up to prepare for Prom which is coming on Saturday! I am so exited.


15 Avr

Friday evening, Sue who is a volunteer in AFS invited Lucia, Morgane and me to the restaurant. We ate at the restaurant called »Assaggio »which proposed Italian dishes. We ordered different food; pasta, crème brûlée, aspargus, salmon that we shared. It was really good and I had a good time with all of them.